About Us

The Ballyhoo Football Club is a non-profit organization run by a Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the Team Captains. You can contact the board at ballyhoofc@gmail.com.

The club is part of the Washington State Adult Soccer Association (WSASA), which allows you to play in any WSASA-affiliated league or tournament, statewide.
Here's our by-law about member behavior, to keep our league fun and safe:
All participating members, players, and teams are expected to observe a safe environment of competition. All are expected to emphasize good sportsmanship, co-operation, teamwork, and soccer skills. The essence being the spirit of the game.
Conduct that is deemed not in the spirit of the game, verbal and/or physical assault, rough and/or dangerous play will not be tolerated. Membership in Ballyhoo F.C. is predicated on members, players, and teams to be in good standing with the club. Good standing includes, but is not limited to, payment of all dues, team and/or equipment fees. Any member, player, and/or teams that are deemed detrimental or not in good standing to and/or with Ballyhoo F.C., its officers, and/or sponsors is subject to judicial review by the Board.

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