Ballyhoo FC - Capital Classics Soccer Association : Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions.

League, Tournament, and other Event fees are due at time specific in program details. Refund policy is as follows:

League fees:
1) A player must pay their season league fee by the third game of the season. If they do not, they will not be allowed to play any further games until the season league fee is paid in full.

2) For players that play three games or less during a league season, they are eligible to receive a refund of 50% of the league fee or a credit of 50% of the league fee to be applied to future league fees. To be eligible for the refund or credit the must have already paid the season league fee in full according to payment policy in rule number 1.

Fees for playing in an applicable session are non-refundable after 2 games after two games on league schedule have passed. All CCSA-BFC equipment must be returned for a refund. Refunds may be pro-rated depending on amount of games passed on schedule.

Tournament fees: Tournament fees are non-refundable with the execption of the event of injury or other emergency, or in the event the tournament is cancelled. Tournament fees may be refunded pro-rated based on the tournaments refund policy if the CCSA-BFC tournament team involved removes itself from the tournament.

Event fees are refundable per program details of the event.

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